2024 State Legislative District Profiles

 North Dakota Compass provides demographic and socio-economic profiles for the 2023-2032 North Dakota State Legislative Districts. The profiles highlight 16 measures focusing on population, household, social, and economic characteristics for each of the 47 districts in North Dakota. Each profile compares district information with North Dakota and the United States.

2024 Profiles

New in 2024! Interactive dashboard highlighting individual profiles, interactive maps for all districts, and a compare feature. The maps add value to the individual district profiles by having all the information on a map to easily visualize differences among districts. The legend is especially helpful to see how much variation there is among districts. The compare feature allows to compare two individual districts between them and with North Dakota and US.

Click here for the interactive dashboard!

View your district profile in PDF format below:

More info

For additional information about your district, such as specific information on legislative assembly members or a detailed boundary map for each of the 47 state legislative districts, visit the North Dakota Legislative Branch website. Please note that the North Dakota Legislative Branch is not responsible for the content or production of the profiles.

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