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Valuing the invaluable 2023 Update: Strengthening Supports for Family Caregivers
AARP Public Policy Institute, March 2023, 32 pp.
This report updates national and individual state estimates of the economic value of family care using the most currently available data. The estimated economic value of family caregivers’ unpaid contributions toward the care of adults with limitations in daily activities was approximately $600 billion in 2021.   more info >

2023 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures
Alzheimer's Association, February 2023, 132 pp.
An annual report on U.S. data related to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. This report includes a summary of current knowledge about Alzheimer's disease, information on prevalence, mortality and lifetime risk of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, and the experiences of primary care physicians related to Alzheimer's and dementia.   more info >

Report on Health Issues for the State of North Dakota
The University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, February 2023, 385 pp.
A biennial report assessment of the current state of health of North Dakotans and their healthcare delivery system.   more info >

National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, November 2022, 40 pp.
Twentieth year of reports which measure trends in effectiveness of care, patient safety, timeliness of care, patient centeredness, and efficiency of care. State snapshots and past reports are also available on the website.   more info >

America's Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being
Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, October 2022, 33 pp.
Reports data on a set of indicators of child well-being. Indicators included are in the categories of family and social environment, economic categories, health care, physical environment and safety, behavior, education, and health. This is an annual report.   more info >

State of Obesity 2022: Better Policies for a Healthier America
Trust for America's Health, September 2022, 144 pp.
This report examines adult obesity rates by state, looking at the health implications as well as social, economic, and environmental factors related to diet, nutrition, and physical activity.   more info >

Review of Rural U.S. Economic and Health Care Trends
Center for Economic Analysis of Rural Health, September 2022, 24 pp.
A summary of research exploring the nexus of health care and local economic vibrancy in rural communities. Key issues include the personal and community impacts of reduced services, hospital closures, health care workforce shortages, Medicaid expansion, and the delivery and reimbursement of patient care through telehealth.   more info >

Rural Hospital Closures Threaten Access: Solutions to Preserve Care in Local Communities
American Hospital Association, September 2022, 10 pp.
This report examines the vital role of rural hospitals and the effects of hospital closures on the health and economic well-being of rural communities. It finds that rural hospitals are disproportionately impacted by issues such as coverage trends, workforce and regulatory barriers and that rural hospitals and health systems often need to be resourceful in pursuing opportunities that improve financial stability and viability.   more info >

Kids Count Data Book: State Trends in Child Well-Being
Annie E. Casey Foundation, August 2022, 50 pp.
This annual report provides data on 10 indicators of child well-being, by state and for the U.S. States are ranked on each indicator and compared to previous years.   more info >

Map the Meal Gap 2022
Feeding America, July 2022, 24 pp.
Focuses on the extent and variation in local food insecurity levels in the United States in 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes local food data for several racial and ethnic identities.   more info >

America's Health Rankings: Senior Report 2022
United Health Foundation, May 2022, 52 pp.
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of senior population health on a national and state-by-state basis across 62 measures of senior health. This year's report includes, among other things, information on disparities in health among older Americans by geography, education level, income level, gender, age, race, and ethnicity.   more info >

The State of America's Children
Children's Defense Fund, December 2021, 86 pp.
A compilation of national and state-by-state data on poverty, health, child welfare, youth at risk, early childhood development, education, nutrition and housing. Report is compiled annually.   more info >

Telehealth for the Treatment of Serious Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, November 2021, 75 pp.
This guide reviews ways that telehealth modalities can be used to provide treatment for serious mental illness and substance use disorders among adults, distills the research into recommendations for practice, and provides examples of how these recommendations can be implemented.   more info >

Chart Book: The Far-Reaching Benefits of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, October 2020, 24 pp.
A growing body of research shows that Medicaid expansion is yielding significant benefits for those gaining coverage, their families, and their communities. This chart book highlights a number of the studies and outcomes.   more info >

The State of Rural Health
Families USA, October 2020, 20 pp.
This report examines rural Americans’ attitudes on their health and livelihoods, and identifies the current demographics of rural America, health care and economic challenges faced by people who live in rural America. It also highlights key national policy recommendations that address rural America’s health care concerns and reduce health disparities in rural communities during the coronavirus pandemic and onward.   more info >

Advancing Action, 2020: A State Scorecard on Long-term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities, and Family Caregivers
AARP, September 2020, 64 pp.
Measures state-level performance of long-term services and supports from the viewpoint of user services and their families.   more info >

North Dakota's Significant Rural Health Needs as Identified by Critical Access Hospital Community Health Needs Assessments: 2017-2019 Aggregate Results for Rural North Dakota Hospitals
Center for Rural Health, University of North Dakota, June 2020, 4 pp.
Highlights the results of community health needs assessments of North Dakota's Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) from 2017 to 2019, identifying the most pressing healthcare needs in ND's rural communities.   more info >

The Effects Of Early Care And Education On Children’s Health
Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, April 2019, 6 pp.
Examines how early child care and education may lead to improvements in short-and long-term health-related outcomes for children.   more info >

Substance Use in North Dakota 2019
North Dakota Department of Human Services, February 2019, 28 pp.
Data on alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use in North Dakota. Also looks at the consequences of use, such as drug or alcohol-related arrests and crashes.   more info >

Health Insurance Coverage Status for Children in North Dakota
Kids Count North Dakota, June 2018, 4 pp.
Health insurance coverage statistics for children in North Dakota.   more info >

Web sites

Evidence-Based Pratices Resource Center
Searchable database of interventions designed to promote mental health or prevent or treat mental illness, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders.   more info >

Prosperity Now Scorecard
Ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia on performance measures in the areas of Financial Security, Business Development, Homeownership, Health Care and Education.   more info >
Presents measures of child wellbeing and policy analysis for states, counties, large cities, and metropolitan areas.   more info >

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
Ranking the health of nearly every county in the nation, this website focuses on specific factors that affect health, such as education and income. The County Health Rankings address what is making people sick or healthy, while the roadmaps show what can be done to create healthier places to live.   more info >

Food Insecurity in North Dakota
Food insecurity refers to USDA’s measure of lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. This interactive map provides data on food insecurity at the county level to improve our understanding of food insecurity and food costs in local communities.   more info >

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