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Mihaela “Ina” Cernusca, MBA, is the project director for ND Compass and a research specialist within the Center for Social Research located at North Dakota State University (NDSU). In her role as director, she leads the design and operation of the ND Compass project, in addition, she strives to increase awareness and understanding of ND Compass and ensure the project’s sustainability. With extensive experience in market and social research, she has participated in many projects that involved quantitative and qualitative research, grant writing, project management, and outreach/extension activities. Ina earned her MBA from the University of Missouri Columbia and worked as a marketing research specialist with the Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri.

Kaeleigh Schroeder, MA, MSc, is a research specialist at the Center for Social Research at NDSU. Prior to her role at the Center, Kaeleigh spent a decade in market research and research analyst roles, working across a variety of industries to provide analysis in areas such as customer satisfaction research, patient experience in healthcare systems, and charity mailing campaign performance. With a degree in Business Analytics from NDSU and a Master’s in Sociology degree from the University of Manitoba, Kaeleigh contributes to North Dakota Compass and other CSR projects.

Kendra Erickson-Dockter, MA is a research specialist. Currently, Kendra has a part-time appointment with the Center and provides support to various projects. Kendra led North Dakota Compass as the project director, from 2013 to 2019.

Jerry Dogbey-Gakpetor, PhD. Jerry's background is in statistics. In his role, Jerry focuses on efficient and effective means to extract data from the Center's sources for timely updates. He writes R scripts to automate the extraction and restructuring data making them dashboard user friendly.Jerry is also involved in other projects where he puts to use his statistical knowledge and model building skills. Jerry earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from North Dakota State University. Prior to joining the Center, Jerry was a Senior Data Scientist at American Express.


North Dakota Compass employs a number of students on an on-going basis, providing paid internships for undergraduate students and research assistant positions for graduate students. The full-time staff provides mentoring to the students and enjoys contributing to their hands-on learning experience, while simultaneously benefiting from their contributions to the project’s efforts.

Center for Social Research

The Center for Social Research (CSR) is a social research unit at North Dakota State University dedicated to providing high quality data, research, and evaluation services to an array of entities including federal, state, and local governments, foundations and nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. CSR staff contributing to the ND Compass social indicators website include:

Nancy Hodur, Center for Social Research Director

Mihaela "Ina" Cernusca, Project Director

Kaeleigh Schroeder, Research Specialist

Kendra Erickson-Dockter, Research Specialist

Jerry Dogbey-Gakpetor, Research Specialist

Additional student support from the following students:

David Adeleke - Doctoral program in Bioinformatics
Rakibul Hasan Khan - Master's program in Business Analytics
Khalifa Muyideen - Master's program in Business Analytics


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