New and Updated Data

Early childhood

Low birth weight
  • By county (map, all births)
  • By county (map, singletons)
  • By county (ranking, all births)
  • By county (ranking, singletons)
  • By metropolitan status (all births)
  • By metropolitan status (singletons)
  • By planning region (all births)
  • By planning region (singletons)
  • By age of mother (all births)
  • By race of mother (all births)
  • By singleton-multiple (pie)
  • By singleton-multiple (trend)
  • Total births by singleton-multiple (trend)


Economic output
  • North Dakota and U.S. (annual change)
  • North Dakota and U.S. (CAGR)
  • North Dakota and U.S. (per working-age adult)
  • North Dakota and U.S. (per capita)
  • Comparison with other states (annual change)
  • Comparison with other states (CAGR)
  • Comparison with other states (per working-age adult)
  • Comparison with other states (per capita)
  • North Dakota, by industry sector


Health care coverage
  • By county (map)
  • By county (ranking)
  • By planning region
  • By metropolitan status

Data updated in July 2021

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