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Volunteering and Civic Life in America
Corporation for National and Community Service, December 2018
A comprehensive look at volunteering and civic life. Provides national, state, and large city data.   more info >

Social Media Use in 2018
Pew Research Center, March 2018, 17 pp.
National figures on social networking use, including an overview of changes over time.   more info >

2017 Veterans Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, October 2017, 20 pp.
This report looks at the civic health of America's veteran population. It includes data on volunteerism, engagement with local governments and community organizations, voting, helping neighbors, charitable giving, and more.   more info >

Beyond Urban Versus Rural: Understanding American Political Geography in 2016
Carsey School of Public Policy, University of New Hampshire, June 2017, 4 pp.
This brief presents research that shows the complex variations in voting patterns in both urban and rural places, examining patterns over the last five presidential elections, treating rural-urban differences as a continuum, not a dichotomy.   more info >

Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Adults
Pew Research Center, May 2017, 23 pp.
A look at older adults' technology adoption, showing that seniors are moving towards more digitally connected lives.   more info >

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2015: Public Charities, Giving, and Volunteering
Urban Institute, October 2015, 16 pp.
Provides a profile of nonprofits and information on private charitable contributions and volunteering.   more info >

Red Rural, Blue Rural: Rural Does Not Always Equal Republican
Carsey School of Public Policy, August 2015, 2 pp.
Voting data for nearly 9,000 rural residents is analyzed in this fact sheet. Voting trends indicate that while Republican presidential candidates have generally done well in rural America, there are enclaves of Democratic support that may have significant impact on tightly contested elections.   more info >

America's Young Adults: Special Issue, 2014
Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, July 2014, 100 pp.
Detailed report that provides data on young adults, ages 18-24. Includes demographic characteristics, living situation, and overall well-being.   more info >

Web sites

NCoC Civic Health Initiatives
A series of reports designed to inform citizens and policymakers about the state of our civil society and democracy. The Indices measure how well Americans are connecting to each other and their communities by rates of volunteering, voting, connections to civic and religious organizations, trust in other Americans and key institutions, and other civic behavior and attitudes. Reports focus on different populations groups and topics.   more info >

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