Reports: Philanthropy

The Civic Health Index 2021
National Conference on Citizenship, February 2022, 36 pp.
Looks at civic health trends across four broad categories: political and civic engagement, group affiliation, social comity, and information and knowledge.   more info >

2021 Veterans Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, November 2021, 28 pp.
This report looks at the civic health of America's veteran population. It includes data on volunteerism, engagement with local governments and community organizations, voting, helping neighbors, charitable giving, and more.   more info >

Nonprofit Trends and Impacts 2021
Urban Institute, October 2021, 95 pp.
Focuses on geographic and demographic trends related to nonprofit organizations and the populations they serve.   more info >

North Dakota Nonprofit Sector Impact
North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations, November 2020, 2 pp.
Highlights the work and impact of charitable nonprofit organizations in North Dakota.   more info >

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2019
Urban Institute, June 2019
This brief discusses trends in the number and finances of public charities and key data insights on important resources for the nonprofit sector.   more info >

Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, September 2016, 44 pp.
This report outlines compelling demographic, aesthetic and economic reasons for foundations to rethink their grantmaking practices to stay current with changes in the cultural sector and to continue to be relevant to the evolving needs of our communities. It considers how foundations that invest in the arts can make fairness and equity core principles of grantmaking by prioritizing underserved communities and investing in community organizing and civic engagement work in the arts and culture sector.   more info >

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