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The Center for Social Research (CSR) is a social science research and evaluation center at North Dakota State University. The Center’s core mission is to provide a venue through which a wide variety of research activities are facilitated.  Researchers from the Center work closely with an array of entities including federal, state, and local governments, foundations and nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions on a broad range of research efforts.

Recent research includes:

Children and Youth

Community Building


Early Childhood





PROJECT - ND Compass



The four-page publication North Dakota's Aging Population: Profile and Trends of Seniors Ages 65 and Older for NDSU Extension presents a picture of the health, finances and well-being of adults ages 65 and older in ND. The brief focuses on well-being indicators including population, health care, economics, health risks, and behaviors and health status as well as cognitive impairment and caregiving.


The 2011 Childhood Needs Assessment of Bismarck and Mandan, North Dakota provides an assessment of youth in the metropolitan community in order to provide the Missouri Slope Areawide United Way context as they develop their Community Impact Initiatives. The report also includes results of developmental asset research from the Search Institute, commissioned for this needs assessment.

Executive Director Jena Gullo says, "We LOVE the Childhood Needs Assessment you did for us and are putting it to great use. Because of your assessment, we have developed strong partnerships with the public and private schools and are bringing your assessment to life to address local childhood needs."

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