Reports: Climate & energy

Public Support for Climate and Energy Policies
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, April 2022, 16 pp.
Presents detailed findings on public support for policies in three key areas related to climate justice goals: an economic transition to clean, renewable energy sources; investment in frontline communities; and climate-friendly job creation.   more info >

Clean Energy Project Development for Low-Income Communities Strengthening the Ecosystem for Delivering Solar Energy and Deep Efficiency Retrofits
Carsey Institute for Public Policy, February 2022, 16 pp.
Scaling clean energy in low-income communities presents challenges. This report outlines a road map depicting the ecosystem needed to deliver clean energy projects to underserved communities.It includes examples of work that different organizations are doing and concludes that more capacity-building funding and support is needed at the grassroots level of the ecosystem.   more info >

Wind Energy Development in North Dakota: Best Management Practices
North Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society, June 2021, 69 pp.
Developed to provide recommendations for addressing wildlife and habitat concerns at all stages of wind energy development and to assist in minimizing direct and indirect impacts to key fish and wildlife species and habitat while maximizing wind energy benefits.   more info >

Building Climate Resiliency: Fact Sheets
Center for Rural Affairs, January 2020
A series of four fact sheets that focus on building rural resiliency in the face of climate change and elevating the stories of rural climate leaders.   more info >

National Climate Assessment
U.S. Global Change Research Program, March 2018, 900 pp.
This report provides an in-depth look at climate change impacts on the U.S. It details the multitude of ways climate change is already affecting and will increasingly affect the lives of Americans.   more info >

Climate Change and Its Impact on Infrastructure Systems in the Midwest
Midwest Economic Policy Institute, October 2017, 10 pp.
This study examines how climate change will negatively impact transportation and infrastructure systems across the Midwest. It offers information for policymakers regarding the potential costs and consequences of climate change, and recommends actions to protect communities and the economy.   more info >

United States of Climate Change: North Dakota, Winds of Change
The Weather Channel, October 2017
Explores changes in climate and the energy landscape in North Dakota.   more info >

American Attitudes About Global Warming and Energy Policy: Issue Brief
The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, December 2014, 18 pp.
Results of a national poll about global warming and other environmental issues.   more info >

Cityscape: Climate Change and City Hall
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, January 2013
Journal issue focusing on cities and climate change. Topics include: what cities are doing to address sustainability, sustainability as economic development, policy integration for sustainable development, promoting sustainable land development patterns, social actors and policy levers for mitigating greenhouse gases.   more info >

A Strategy for America's Energy Future: Illuminating Energy's Full Costs
Brookings Institute, May 2011, 35 pp.
In this report, The Hamilton Project provides four principles for reforming America’s energy policies.   more info >

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Climate and Energy Resource for State, Local, and Tribal Governments
Provides free tools, data, and technical expertise about energy strategies, including energy efficiency, renewable energy and other emerging technologies, to help state, local and tribal governments achieve their environmental, energy and economic objectives.   more info >

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