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By tracking and analyzing trends in areas that affect our quality of life, Compass gives everyone in our state – policymakers, business and community leaders, and concerned individuals who live and work here – a common foundation to act on issues to improve our communities. More >

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Change in trends in North Dakota voter turnout by race.

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photoSEAL!North Dakota: A School Dental Sealant Program

Dr. Nancy Hodur is the Center for Social Research Director at North Dakota State University. Nancy has over 25 years of professional experience in applied research, public policy, and outreach education. Additionally, Xiangping ‘Coco’ Gao, M.S., is a research specialist at the Center for Social Research. She has a broad range of working experience in the U.S. and China as a tourism and recreation researcher, a university instructor, an urban planner, and an NGO professional. Together at the Center, Nancy and Coco evaluate a number of the North Dakota Department of Health’s Oral Health Programs. In this article, they give a brief overview of one of these evaluated programs – SEAL!ND, a school-based dental sealant program.

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