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Kendra Erickson-Dockter, M.S. is a research specialist and the ND Compass project director. In her role as director, she leads the design and operation of the project. In addition, she strives to increase awareness and understanding of ND Compass and ensure the project’s sustainability. Her research efforts have involved a wide range of topics, from early childhood and aging to health and disadvantaged populations. Kendra is also completing a doctorate in Human Development, with an emphasis in Applied Gerontology, at North Dakota State University.

Mihaela 'Ina' Cernusca, MBA, is a research specialist with the ND Compass project. With extensive experience in market and social research, she has participated in many projects involving quantitative and qualitative research, grant writing, project management, and outreach/extension activities. As part of the ND Compass team, Ina participates in research projects along with activities to maintain website quality, increase awareness and understanding of ND Compass, and ensure the project’s sustainability.


North Dakota Compass employs a number of students on an on-going basis, providing paid internships for undergraduate students and research assistant positions for graduate students. The full-time staff provides mentoring to the students and enjoys contributing to their hands-on learning experience, while simultaneously benefiting from their contributions to the project’s efforts. Our current student assistants are Shweta Arpit Srivastava (Doctoral candidate in the department of communication) and Briana Wilhelmi (Master's student in the department of sociology).

Center for Social Research

The Center for Social Research (CSR) is a social research unit at North Dakota State University dedicated to providing high quality data, research, and evaluation services to an array of entities including federal, state, and local governments, foundations and nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. CSR staff contributing to the ND Compass social indicators website include:

Nancy Hodur, Center for Social Research Director

Kendra Erickson-Dockter, ND Compass Project Director

Mihaela "Ina" Cernusca, Research Specialist

Additional research support from CSR research analysts Karen Olson and Xiangping "Coco" Gao

Additional student support from Shweta Arpit Srivastava and Briana Wilhelmi


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