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Data graphs and tables

Most data compiled for Compass key measures are public information and may be reproduced for free with appropriate citation, along with our url, This citation is provided below each data graph.

Copying a data graph directly into your article or presentation. On any graph page, find the download button () and click to view an export menu. Choose an export format (PNG, PDF, SVG), and the image will be captured and downloaded to your browser as a separate file.

You may need to re-size the picture or trim off the extra by cropping (found under "format" for pictures in Word) but remember to include the citation with the graph.

You can also download the CSV file by hovering over the "view: Graph" text next to the breakdown and selecting "CSV file" from the dropdown menu. This will let you use the raw date to create your own graph. If you want the data for an online article or blog, feel free to embed a link directly to the graph you would like to show.

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