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By tracking and analyzing trends in areas that affect our quality of life, Compass gives everyone in our state – policymakers, business and community leaders, and concerned individuals who live and work here – a common foundation to act on issues to improve our communities. More >

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  • April's Newsletter
  • April's featured For Discussion columnist discusses how mindfulness can make a difference in everyday life.The Ask A Researcher column explains why low birth weight is important and how the 2009 Fargo flood impacted birth weights.
  • New section: Geo Profiles which includes a compilation of the most important social indicators present on the ND Compass website.
  • New presentation: The Value of ND Compass

For Discussion

photoUsing Mindfulness to Calm Your Busy Mind

Denise Hellekson provides EAP counseling, training, consulting, and crisis response services for The Village Business Institute, a division of the Village Family Service Center. The Village reaches out to more than 80,000 people every year, and is constantly adapting services to meet the needs of modern families. Through individual and family counseling, child care, mentoring, adoption, financial counseling and workplace issues, The Village is a place for all individuals and families.Denise highlights how to bring balance back into people's lives by using the practice of mindfulness.

Ask a Researcher

photoStress effects on pregnancy: The impact of the 2009 Red River flood on birth weight
Clayton Hilmert is a health psychologist in the NDSU Department of Psychology. His primary interests are in stress, cardiovascular health, and pregnancy. Current research involves the effects of stress in the natural environment on pregnancy, the effects of social support on stress and health, and associations between how a person responds to stress biologically and the emotions the person experiences.

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ND Compass explores a set of key measures for each topic area. In addition to tracking statewide trends, Compass provides data, when possible, by region, county, reservations, and larger cities (click on the map above or here to see more details). Within each topic, click on a key measure and choose "breakdown" to see what specific indicators, geographies, and characteristics are available. To find more detailed information, including data sources, definitions, or qualifications, go to the "View" drop down menu found above each key measure graph and choose "Data & notes." Links to additional data can be found under More Measures. Additional resources are available under Ideas at Work and the Library. Learn more about the project, who's involved, and the data.

Also, read the May 2013 Ask a Researcher piece: Learn how to make the ND Compass website work for you

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