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ND Compass provides and promotes the use of credible data to improve the quality of life in North Dakota.

A project of the Center for Social Research at North Dakota State University, ND Compass provides reliable and consistent information needed by North Dakota’s community, policy, organizational, non-profit, and business leaders who must plan for the future in an environment of continuous change. More >

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Poverty rate in North Dakota is lower than the national average but varies greatly by county.

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CHARISM: Building a Stronger, Better Neighborhood Since 1994

Jessica Nelson is the Organization Evaluation VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) at CHARISM. She works on ways to organize and evaluate the programs more efficiently, as well as working on an organization history project. Jessica was born and raised in Moorhead and other than a few years away at college has lived in Moorhead all her life. This is her first year with CHARISM, but her third year with the Americorps program, the first 2 years were spent tutoring Kindergarten through 3rd graders at Dilworth Elementary. Although Jessica enjoys working with the community, her real passion is history. She has a PhD in history from Purdue University and enjoys doing research and writing. She has a published article based on her dissertation research in the Journal for the History of Childhood and Youth. In this article, Jessica highlights CHARISM - the mission, the history, the programs, and how you can get involved with the organization.

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Find data organized by geographic area. Get profiles by state, planning region, Native American reservation area, county, metropolitan and micropolitan areas, and cities with populations of at least 1,000 people. View profiles >

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Highlighting measures focusing on population, household, social, and economic characteristics for each of the 47 districts in North Dakota.
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Explore the ND Compass Community Building Toolkit. It provides a framework and resources to improve your community development process.


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